It is always nice to be able to personalise a product and give it that certain something that makes it special to you.

Choose your own colours

Every bag we make at M.S.MUIR is made using the customers requested colour combinations. A combination of
2- 3 colours is most common but we are also happy if you would like every part of the bag a different colour.

The following parts of your tool bag can be given a designated colour.

Main Section/compartment -  The Main part of your tool bag can only be one colour. This also means that he internal colour of your tool bag will be the same colour as the main compartment.

Hacksaw Pocket - The hacksaw pocket is the long pocket on the front of our large tool bags.

External front and end pockets - These pockets may be the same or a combination of colours of your choice.

Internal Tool Rails - The tool rails are usually a different colour to your main compartment to make them easier to see. By default they will be the same colour as your external pockets.

Personalising the internal tool rails

The internal tool rails in our bags are specifically designed to suit all tools needed but we understand that you may require a different configuration.

Therefore we are happy for you to make changes to the tool rails to suit your needs.


Most of these changes are free of charge depending on complexity. Feel free to phone or email us your requirements.

Our Colour Range